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Many of us are concerned for children whose school performance is not commensurate with their exceptional intellectual and creative abilities. We have experienced the frustration which grows out of our failure to help these children understand and appreciate their abilities, develop their talents and use their abilities later in life.

AEGUS serves as an advocacy group on behalf of gifted underachieving students. AEGUS recognizes these students can be found in populations regardless of racial, ethnic, religious or socioeconomic backgrounds; and areas of special learning, physical or emotional needs. The major purpose of this organization is to focus attention and research efforts on able learners whose potential may be unrecognized, undeveloped or not nurtured.


AEGUS provides a forum for ideas and interventions aimed at helping gifted underachieving students reach their potential. Our goals are:

To develop an awareness of the existence of gifted underachieving students to the general public, educators and policymakers who affect change on behalf of children.

To create opportunities for an exchange of ideas among professionals, parents and students concerned with the issue of underachievement.

To establish a clearinghouse for relevant research, existing programs, successful strategies and available resources.

To support and encourage the development of programs purposefully designed to help underachieving gifted students.



Lois Baldwin, Ed.D.; President
Terry Neu, Ph.D.; Vice President
Linda Pfeiffer, M.A.; Treasurer
Jann Leppien, Ph.D.; Secretary

Margie Boudreau, Ed.D.
Rose Blucher, M.A.
Gail N. Herman, Ph.D.
Stuart Omdal, Ph.D.
Daphne Pereles, M.S.
Rich Weinfeld, M.A



March 2010 Maryland Conference
Fall 2010 New England Conference